Aberdares National Park

Aberdare National Park is located some 120 miles north of Nairobi, in the Rift Valley Region, and is 767 square kilometers. This is one of the less frequented parks, which on the whole can be rather pleasant. The main reason is access is allowed only for 4WD’s – the rainy seasons turn many roads into mud for this reason during the rainy seasons, the park is often closed.
Aberdares National Park has a variety in scenery, flora and animals not easily found elsewhere. The park is composed of two parts, the higher moorlands with the three peaks, and the lower Salient where the rainforest is thick and there’s more wildlife.

Aberdares National Park has several beautiful waterfalls. Paths lead up to platforms from where you can watch the Chania Falls and the Karura Falls. The Gura Falls are even more beautiful, falling over 300 metres (1000 yards), but are less accessible.

The Aberdares boasts of plenty of wildlife, some of which include buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, baboons and several sorts of monkeys. Higher up in the moorlands, elands and serval cats can also be spotted. Moreover, there are literally hundreds of bird species present, including regal crowned cranes, sparry hawks, eagles, giant kingfishers, sunbirds, plovers, etc.

Besides animal spotting, the park allows for some great walking. The high moorlands have three peaks (Satima, Kinangop and Kipipiri) which can be climbed rather easy. However, hikers are required to hire an armed guard to keep of dangerous animals, which costs about $15 a day. With so many bird species present, there’s also some great bird watching. Another option is fishing. The rivers in the park carry lots of trout.

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